A reality where everyone has like minded people around them! No one is alone! Everyone has other people around them! We are people helping each other to be included into the community, feel safe, and be who we are.

We value each and every user

Everyone is unique and special! You can create your own community with people who are similar to you on ConnectYou! Or who you play on FunConnect! Or who you meet on ActiveConnect!

Stay Connected! Stay You!

ConnectYou is a platform which connects like-minded people.

How can you find people similar to you?

Who is this platform for?


If you want to find new like-minded friends

If you want to expand your circle of friends at your University

If you want to spend time with your peers in the environment you enjoy

ConnectYou is for You!

Why does this platform exist?

Adaptation to University life can be emotionally and physically challenging for students. Loneliness and fear are two prevailing emotions during that period. Establishing social connections with others will benefit students and their psychological well-being. Therefore, ConnectYou is aimed to connect students based on shared interests and hobbies to facilitate decrease in social isolation and loneliness. We know that tet-a-tet communication can feel like pressure, so we created an online platform which accommodates different communication styles and provides opportunities for easy and friendly communication.


The channel hosts interviews and talks with the guest speakers to keep students informed about what is going on in students’ lives, what TRULY happens and how to better handle stressful times.

Who are the founders?

A group of four undergraduate and postgraduate students at the University of Bath and Newcastle University have collaborated to bring this project to life. Please read more about the founders and those helping to create ConnectYou platform in ConnectUs section.